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In 2024 we're on a bit of a break. We'll be back soon to challenge you to walk and talk for 65km so that Queenslanders in crisis will always have a Lifeline.

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Why Walk the Talk?

Each year, over 65,000 Australians attempt to take their own lives. That’s why we've challenged you to Walk the Talk for 65km throughout the month of May the last couple of years.

You have helped ensure that every Queenslander going through difficult times can have their call for help answered and join a community of legends improving their mental health through physical fitness and friendly conversation.

Every step and conversation has brought us closer to stopping the stigma surrounding mental health and feel healthier and happier while doing it!

Thanks to everyone who has walked and talked to raise money to help Lifeline Queensland answer more calls and save more lives.

Who we've walked and talked for

“I think for me, most of the time I was doing fine, but it was like I had these cracks, these feelings of not being good enough.”

– Donna Thistlethwaite - Survivor

Donna is a brave survivor of attempted suicide. She felt like she wasn’t good enough and that if she told people this, they would think she was hopeless. With the support of family and friends, Donna was able to recover and is now a strong advocate for mental health. She helps others with their own mental health struggles by keeping the conversation open.

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