9 people die from suicide each day. There are 8 attempts every hour. Our goal at Lifeline is to move towards an Australia where lives lost to suicide can be prevented.



attempt to take their own lives every year.

9 Australians

die from suicide each day.

Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians

between the ages of 15 and 44

Lifeline’s 13 11 14 crisis support line receives a call


every 30 seconds.

About Us

Lifeline is a trusted national charity that has been saving lives for more than 50 years. Driven by the belief that Australian lives lost to suicide can be prevented, we’re committed to bringing hope to Australians doing it tough.

In Queensland we deliver Lifeline’s crisis support services through 10 Lifeline Centres – Lifeline 13 11 14 and Lifeline Online Chat or text 0477 13 11 14. Our highly trained Lifeline Crisis Supporters help people in their darkest moments.

Every month, we respond to over 12,000 phone or online chat contacts from people needing crisis support and suicide prevention services – providing a non-judgemental and compassionate listening ear.

Josh, Kelsey and Brendon, Crisis Support team

It's the connection. All humans, whether they admit it or not, need connection. It's that connection, connecting, just knowing that you're not alone.

There is always someone there, 24 hours a day, who's there for you, who's there to help. Because that's what we do”.

Debbie, Crisis Supporter

When I'm on the phone, talking to people,
I feel I can legitimately make a difference there. You know that it is doing something, that you’re being there and taking the calls.”

Josh, Crisis Supporter

We keep Queenslanders safe. At Lifeline, we exist so that no one has to face their darkest moments alone.

Why your support is so important

Demands for Lifeline services have never been higher than in the last 24 months with the compounding impact of COVID-19, extreme weather conditions and the stigma that surrounds people asking for help or talking about their mental health.

There is a need like never before to ensure that there are enough Lifeline Queensland Crisis Supporters on hand to answer calls and save lives.



Through our understanding and empathy for others, we bring holistic care, hope and inspiration.


We accept and honour diversity, uniqueness and the contribution of others.


We commit to focus on the needs of the people we serve and to work for a fair, just and sustainable society.

Working Together

We value and appreciate the richness of individual contributors, partnerships and teamwork.

Leading Through Learning

Our culture encourages innovation and supports learning.

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